title:Promote With Simple “Folksy” How-To Articles!

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author:Ron Knowlton
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

When it comes to article writing, not everyone is a Dave Barry or even a Bob Leduc or a Kevin Nunley for that matter (three great article writers, by the way).
But really, that’s okay.
There are simple yet effective articles you can use on your web site or send out (even if you aren’t a great writer) that can still work for you!
Here are three simple ideas:
1. A simple “folksy” how-to advice article will always pull in readers.
You don’t need to be a great writer!
Just write the way you talk!
You don’t need a long article either. One writer only provides three short tips in each article he writes (usually each tip is only one paragraph or so in length). And still he is able to get these short articles published.
Sprinkle these articles liberally on your web site. Or send them out to article announcement lists where newsletter publishers can see them and maybe reprint them in their newsletters.
For a list of article announcement lists, just type in “article announcement” or “article submission” into your favorite search engine. It should return a pretty good list!
2. An honest yet “controversial” opinion will draw in readers.
You have to be careful with this approach however, because you may alienate some who would be your customers (now that they hate that terrible article you wrote saying those terrible things!).
Could be, though, that you attract more customers than you alienate and your “controversial” article proves to be a great hit (and sales puller as well).
And maybe it even pulls in some free publicity (don’t laugh – it could happen – newspapers, TV reporters, and even magazine feature writers are always looking for something unique or different!
3. Top 10 lists are still very popular.
Write a one sentence introduction and then present your top ten list.
Could be the 10 most unique ways people use your product.
Or … could be the 10 most common ways people use your product.
Or … how about the 10 least likely places where you would use your product.
Come up with a top 10 list with 10 unique or even offbeat ideas, and people will read them!
And there you have it – how to write a great article – even if you’re not the best writer on the internet!

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